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Confidence in Leadership (In percents)
Taken from the Study: The New Vision of the Priesthood
Dean Hoge and Jacqueline Wenger, Life Cycle Institute
The Catholic University of America

How much confidence do you, yourself, have in the decision making and leadership of the following:

All Priests In the Study

1. Your diocesan bishop

A Great Deal 24%
Quite A Lot 32%
Some 29%
Very Little 14%
Don't Know 2%

2. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops

A Great Deal 8%
Quite A Lot 28%
Some 41%
Very Little 20%
Don't Know 3%

3. The presbyteral council in your diocese

A Great Deal 6%
Quite A Lot 24%
Some 35%
Very Little 23%
Don't Know 12%

4. The National Federation of Priests' Councils

A Great Deal 3%
Quite A Lot 14%
Some 33%
Very Little 31%
Don't Know 20%

5. Your diocesan pastoral council

A Great Deal 3%
Quite A Lot 14%
Some 28%
Very Little 33%
Don't Know 22%

6. (If religious:) The leaders of your religious institute

A Great Deal 25%
Quite A Lot 42%
Some 23%
Very Little 10%
Don't Know 1%

7. If religious: The Conference of Major Superiors of Men

A Great Deal 6%
Quite A Lot 23%
Some 29%
Very Little 21%
Don't Know 21%