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How Essential is Each of These Elements
to Your Vision of What the Catholic Faith is?

1997 Survey

Essential to the Faith
Belief that God is Present in the Sacraments 65%
Charitable Efforts Toward Helping the Poor 58%
Belief that Christ is Really Present in the Eucharist 58%
Devotion to Mary, the Mother of God 53%
Belief that God is Present in a Special Way in the Poor 52%
Having Religious Orders of Priests, Sisters, Brothers and Monks 48%
The Necessity of Having a Pope 48%
Being a Universal Church Throughout the World 45%
Efforts Toward Eliminating the Social Causes of Poverty
Such as Unequal Wages and Discrimination
The Teaching that Christ Established the Authority of Bishops by Choosing Peter 42%
Having a Regular Daily Prayer Life 41%
Devotion to Saints 41%
The Obligation to Attend Mass Once A Week 37%
Private Confessions to a Priest 32%
Teachings that Oppose Abortion 31%
Belief that Priests Must Be Celibate 27%
Teachings that Oppose the Death Penalty 22%
Belief that Only Men Can Be Priests 17%
The Church's Traditional Support of the Right of Workers to Unionize 14%