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Success Stories

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'Bon appetit, y'all': Oklahoma Food Cooperative links local farms and ranches with eaters in cities and towns, By Rich Heffern, National Catholic Reporter

A Success Story in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Reconnecting with the Faithful, Low confession numbers prompt creative outreach by dioceses, churches, By Carmen Blanco, Catholic News Service

Priest-trucker provides loads of assistance, by John Franko

A Success Story Worth Duplicating, No One Need Die Alone

Gallup Catholic student brings smiles to kids with birth defects, By Melissa Nicholson, Catholic News Service

A Success Story in Catholic Education, Religious order recruits male teachers for Catholic schools, By Barbara Watkins, Catholic News Service

White House conference discusses faith-based efforts to aid homeless, By Joshua Garner, Catholic News Service

Catholic campuses embrace 'green' initiatives, by Kaitlynn Riely, Catholic News Service

A Youth Success Story, Prayer and Action initiative connects youths with universal church, By Doug Weller, Catholic News Service

Cafe's patrons pay what they think meal is worth or work to pay tab, By Wayne Laugesen

Missouri students find service to vets leads to lasting friendships, By Barbara Watkins

Good News about young people in college, A Success Story, Many young people find their college years strengthen their faith, By Carol Zimmermann, Catholic News Service

A Success Story in Health Care Worth Pondering, Covering uninsured is year-round job at Detroit clinic and elsewhere, By Nancy Frazier O'Brien, Catholic News Service

A Success Story Well Worth Studying, With Jesuits' support, new Cristo Rey school planned for Houston, By Julie Bourbon, Catholic News Service

Sr. Maria Rosa Leggol: 'Nobody gave me this job -- I made it', All Things Catholic by John L. Allen, Jr., The National Catholic Reporter

A Prophet In Our Own Times and a Success Story to be Reduplicated, Focolare founder praised as new collection of her writings launched, By Peter Feuerherd, Catholic News Service

London churches to receive guidebooks on reducing energy consumption, by Simon Caldwell, Catholic News Service

A Success Story Worth Pondering and Possibly Reduplicating, Tennessee parishioners on a mission to supply Mass kits to world, By Kim Bastone, Catholic News Service

Prison chaplain devotes herself to work that 'can't be measured', By Carol Zimmermann, Catholic News Service

New York Catholic school has caught weather bug, by Pete Sheehan, Catholic News Service

A Success Story worth reduplicating, Catholic care center residents form own ministry team

Success Stories Well Worth Reduplicating, Special gifts, special projects part of church ministry with disabled, by Catholic News Service

Group works in churches to bring awareness of, tips on energy cuts, By Mark Pattison, Catholic News Service

Mobile clinic gives free health care outside Hartford Catholic church, by John Bohuslaw, Catholic News Service

A Café That Promotes Vocations, Interview With the Director, Georgina Trias

Class sacrifices graduation trip to aid Uganda's 'invisible children'

A Touching Success Story Well Worth Reduplicating, Catholic high school students use prom night as chance to help others, By Gary Morton, Catholic News Service

Heartening Success Stories and Statistics on Conservation, Taken from It's Getting Better All the Time, by Economist Simon and the CATO Institute's Stephen Moore

Success Stories Well Worth Pondering, Religious vocations can come from anyplace

Parish giving goes electronic, by Jerry Filteau, Catholic News Service

A Success Story on outreach to our Central and South American Catholics; San Antonio Catholics lead retreat for peers in Honduran archdiocese

Job-readiness training program has much to offer parish, workers, by Gregory A. Shemitz, Catholic News Service

A success story -- Mexico's Migrants Profit From Dollars Sent Home -- by Ginger Thompson

Success Stories in Fighting for Human Rights

A Success Story in Catholic Education Well Worth Duplicating Throughout This Country, Chicago school one of six new schools based on Cristo Rey model, by Michelle Martin, Catholic News Service

“To Dream A Big Dream”: Ministering to At-Risk Children and Adolescents in Brazil, A Success Well Worth Duplicating in the United States, Taken from the Holy Cross Magazine: CSC International, Vol. XV No 1 - 2004

Priests face anxiety, opportunity upon retirement, by Peter Finney Jr., Catholic News Service

A Success Story of charities, and churches in La Crosse working together to help city's poor, by David J. Marcou, Catholic News Service

Malibu Catholic physician goes around world to improve women's health, by Paula Doyle, Catholic News Service

Yet another success story on parishes becoming medically involved in helping the unfortunate, Parish Health Care for the Working Poor, by Father Eugene Hemrick, Catholic News Service

A Success Story of the San’Eggido Community with the elderly worth reflection, Bringing friendship in the old people’s homes, Savona - Italy

A Success Story in Multiculturalism, Taken From Strangers and Aliens No Longer: The Hispanic Presence, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, DC

A success story in keeping marriages together, Retrouvaille offers a lifeline for hurting marriages, by Irene Voth, Catholic News Service

An Often Unnoticed Success Story in Today’s Religion, taken from The Transformation of American Religion, by Alan Wolfe

A Success Story in getting teens involved with their church, Center run by National Evangelization Teams draws hundreds of teens, by Julie Carroll, Catholic News Service

Reaching out to Haitians, O'Malley becomes first Catholic leader in Boston to offer Mass in Creole, by Corey Dade, Globe Staff, 1/2/2004

The Powerful World of E-Mail to Evangelize, U.S. soldiers give Catholic school students accounts of war in Iraq, by Michelle Martin, Catholic News Service

Aided by church volunteers, Peregrine Society assists cancer patients, By Joseph Kenny, Catholic News Service

A Success Story in Spirituality in the Business Community, By Joseph Kenny, Taken from Catholic News Service

A Promise is a Promise -- even from a sinner

Archbishop Hoban High School Stresses Christian Service Outreach, by Brother Joseph LeBon, C.S.C

The Success Story of Brother James Van Dyke, C.S.C

A Success Story In Health Care, Catholic groups help 108,000 children
get health coverage in 2002
, by Catholic News Service

Eugenia Ravasco -- A Recently Canonized Saint Whose Life is a Success Story

Mother Maria Cristian Brando, A Success Story for the Ages

St. James Alberione: A Man for Our Times, A Success Story Well Repeating in our Post Modern Media Age

Out of the Ashes, In a burned tent, a U.S. Army chaplain in Kuwait finds a reminder of God's protection, By Chaplain (Major) Barbara K. Sherer

Regina Dominican Seniors Give Locks with Love, by Anna Wegerson

Plant a Row for the Hungry, by Jeff Lowenfels

"Sister Mary Ann" -- A Story of Loneliness, Taken from the Case Studies at St. Luke Institute

Catholic school students develop green thumbs over summer, By Peggy Weber, Catholic News Service

A Success Story of a Catholic church program that fights against urban sprawl in Connecticut, By Mary Chalupsky, Catholic News Service

A Success Story in Supporting Priests, Former Iowa governor leads campaign to support Catholic priests, By Barb Arland-Fye, Catholic News Service

A Success Story: The Power of a Retreat on Moms, Program for Catholic mothers gets big response in Nebraska, By Colleen O'Neill, Catholic News Service

A Success Story in Campus Ministry, Catholic campus ministers reach out to college students nationwide, By Willy Thorn, Catholic News Service

Another Success Story in Ecology and Stewardship of the Earth's Resources, Catholic University commits to getting 12 percent of power from wind, By Willy Thorn, Catholic News Service

A Success Story That All Communities Can Imitate and Which Follows the Gospel to a T, Free medical clinic helps Illinois community, By Paul Storer, Catholic News Service

A Success Story in Stewardship of God's Gift of Sun to Us, Cardinal Mahony unveils solar power system at new cathedral, By Maria Luisa Torres, Catholic News Service

Children Walking to School: A Success Story on how to live healthier, pollute less and enjoy nature, New program aims to restore lost tradition of walking to school, By Dave Hrbacek, Catholic News Service

Sound Wisdom to Ponder As Catholic Students Head to College, Campus Catholic community can help students cope, keep faith strong, By Pete Sheehan, Catholic News Service

A Success Story to be Reduplicated with the Beginning of the School Year, By Catholic News Service

A Catholic Moment for Small Christian Communities, Small Christian communities called 'indispensable' to church's future, By Kathleen Muldoon, Catholic News Service

New study probes lack of college-bound Latino students, By Jennifer C. Vergara, Catholic News Service

Mentoring program helps new priests, builds fraternity, By Lisa Schulte, Catholic News Service

An Ecological-Church Success Story, Parish Builds Wetland on Church Property in Environmental Effort, By Ed Langlois, Catholic News Service

A Success Story in Ecology, Aid for Farmers Helps Butterflies Too, by Carol Kaesuk Yoon

Scripture And Liturgy in the Lives of Priests, Taken From: Grace Under Pressure: What Gives Life To American Priests, National Catholic Education Association, Washington, DC

Support Groups, from Grace Under Pressure: What Gives Life to American Priests, National Catholic Educational Association, Washington, DC

Monsignor George Higgins: Labor Priest -- A Success Story Par Excellence by Jerry Filteau

Tijuana's Live-In 'Prison Angel' American Nun Brings Hope to Inmates on Border, appeared in the Washington Post

Success Stories Parishes Can Benefit From -- Taken from the Catholic News Service

A Catholic News Service report on Pope John Paul II’s Address on The Main Reasons Behind Vocations to the Priesthood

St. Sabina Parish: A Chicago Success Story by Sr. Eleace King, Taken from the study: Keep Your Hand on the Plow, Produced by the Committee on African American Catholics: The National Conference of Bishops: Office of Research, Washington, D.C., 1996, pp.126

St. Augustine’s Parish: A Washington, D.C. Success Story, by Msgr. Richard Burton

Pope John Paul II's Message for World Communications Day

A Successful Program for Welcoming Inactive Catholics Home

Chicago Consultant Answers Missionary Call

The Results of the First Dialogue -- a summary of the comments received during our discussion on everyday spirituality.

A Time for Goodbye After 56 Years, by By Msgr. George G. Higgins

Success Stories in Mulicultural Outreach in the Archdiocese of Portland, Four Sound Principles for Success

An Address by Monsignor John J. Enzler on his reception of the Distinguished Service Award, The Parish ---- Where Church Happens

After Too Many Funerals, a Priest Could Use a Blessing, by Michael Winerip, New York Times

Grace Under Pressure: What Gives Life to American Priests: A Study of Effective Priests Ordained Ten to Thirty Years

The Secret Behind Successful Parishes, by Eugene Hemrick

St. Agnes-Our Lady of Fatima Parish: A Cleveland Success Story, by Sr. Eleace King

Richard A. McCormick, S.J., In Memoriam -- an inspirational tribute by Monsignor George G. Higgins.

Hispanic Parishes Where Something Seems to Be Going Right by Rev. Joseph Fitzpatrick, SJ, Ph.D.

Success Story in Hispanic Ministry, Dolores Mission, Los Angeles, Calif.